Worthing scaffoldingThis job was erected for a customer in Worthing who required the front of their store decorated.

2 working platforms were required along with all the normal rig put in place.

Health and safety procedurs were put in place in the usual fashion, so the scaffolding was netted to protect the public from any falling debris while the work is being carried out.

Also, all standards have yellow foam on so that the public can see them and if the bump into them they won’t get hurt.

A street licence was required for this job to be erected on the highway, which has to be applied for by any good scaffolding company from the county council highways department.

A sign is also required to be on the scaffolding for a contact number incase any complications occur. So of course wed did that as par for the course

Should you require scaffolding being erected in the Worthing and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us for the very best prices and health and safety procedures.


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